Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meet Charlie

I made a softie pattern and it worked!! His name is Charlie, named after baby Charlotte who owns his older and slightly different brother. He's made from soft polar fleece, with an embroidered face and a crocheted scarf to keep him warm

Many unhappy words are said while sewing faces. I find them hard to do well. After a couple of goes (bye bye beady french-knot-eyes and simple three-stitch-nose) I'm happy with how Charlie's face turned out. Thanks to J for suggesting some curvy happy eyes to balance out the downturned mouth.

Next project will be another slightly altered Charlie. Hopefully one better inclined to sit, as this Charlie's legs just want to spring back to straight. They do say third time's a charm ...


Janis said...

He's so cute!!! Great work!

Bird Bath said...

I have trouble with creating faces for softies - I like the less is more philosophy but that is not always easy to achieve.
You have done a fab job of Charlie's sleepy face.

Muddling Through said...

I LOVE him! Are you sharing the pattern? Or selling it? I would love a step by step of how you made him. He is adorable. And,yes, the facial features are just perfect. I have several potential recipients for this guy!

Great job!

lizap said...

He has a great face! Nice work -- I can't believe it's your first softie!