Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our easy candle Christmas cards

We love Kids Craft Weekly. And since the little people of the house love, love, love getting mail, how could we not join in to the card swap?

After a couple of false starts involving cotton wool and marbles, we decided on a very easy candle card.

First of all we cut up a pile of coloured strips from catalogues to use as the candles.

We then made up some coloured glitter glue using glue, red and yellow food colouring and glitter.

Constructing the cards was easy:

Step 1 ... glue on the candles.

Step 2 ... draw the wicks.

Step 3 ... paint the flame.

Step 4 ... leave to dry.

The only problem we had was the volume of cards required. 11 cards is a lot for my girl who is used to doing one-of-a-kind artworks. She got bored after the first half. The latter half have ended up with very large flames, and long or bent wicks. All done now though, and only a couple days late.


Natasha said...

I'm intrigued about the marbles!

Great cards - 11 is a lot though to keep the interest going!

edward and lilly said...

What a great idea, the crazier flames are great they look really excited about Christmas (or about fire season).

13mimosa said...

They look great - might have to borrow that idea in future!