Sunday, January 11, 2009

Roadkill, Sackboy and a pair of bags

I've made a start to crafting for the new year. There were still a couple of belated Christmas gifts hanging over my head, plus a birthday gift for today. Without the pressure of getting gifts ready for Christmas I kind of feel at a loose end. On the other hand I'm really excited about being able to make something for our little family again, once these obligatory projects are finished.

First up is a belated Christmas present for my parents' new furry children. One of their favourite toys is the head of an elephant toy with the stuffing removed. So here's my first attempt at making something similar. It was fast. Designed and sewn in one evening. The limbs and tail and ears were sewn on a couple times to delay their removal. It will ultimately be destroyed, but hopefully later rather than sooner. The similarity to roadkill was unintentional!

Sackboy was humming along, but I've run out of yarn! Grrrr. Here's a progress shot. I'll be tracking down a new ball of yarn no matter what it takes. He's been a fiddly pain in the rear. I'm actually liking him more with the recent addition of eyes.

For today's birthday I've made a shopping bag from the purl bee tutorial for an apple picking tote. It made up really nicely, with easy to follow instructions. The fabric is a reversible light denim so it's nice and strong. The straps are made with the reverse side of the fabric. I added 3 inches on the width to accomodate more groceries or what-not. No handsewing is always a bonus too. There's also the most delicious chocolaty, biscuity smell in our house after some birthday-gift baking.

Finally, after some tears about a torn tiny paper bag, Barbie got a new bag too.

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