Sunday, February 1, 2009

Has it really been 4 years?

Much excitement was to be had in our household this weekend. A birthday and a party and then it continues tomorrow with our big girl's first day at kindergarten!

Hannah turned 4 yesterday. This was an eagerly anticipated event by the birthday girl. It was all about the presents this year. Nothing specific on her wishlist ... just so long as it was wrapped and waiting on the coffee table. There has been talk of tearing the wrapping paper off of her gifts for weeks. And she followed through, with minimal encouragement needed to unwrap the next gift and the next. I don't think she even noticed that I'd resorted to leftover Christmas gift wrap.

What's Hannah like at four? She's an adorable little person to be around. I feel so very lucky to be the Mum of such a happy, sensitive, good-natured daughter. Sometimes full of chatter and awe about a new discovery from the world that she lives in eg. this week's blackouts. At other times she'll sit peacefully reading her books. She hears and remembers almost everything, even if she doesn't make it known at the time. There's a very vivid imagination in that beautiful head, with many crazy and/or familiar stories acted out by a variety of toy animals. Her relationship with Audrey has blossomed in the past year, growing from a mere tolerance of her presence to enjoyment of her company. Spontaneous hugs and kisses for her little sister are intermingled with the inevitable shouts and screams throughout the day.

Favourite activities? Writing letters and words, especially 'HAnnAH'. Drawing, colouring, painting, cutting and pasting. Walking, dressing, training, selling, and buying dogs of any size. Learning to use the computer. Chasing and being chased by Audrey. Having races up and down the hall. "Say 'ready, set, go' Mum!"
Favourite viewing? Playschool, Huckle, Blue's Clues, Maisy, home movies
Favourite books? Anything with dogs. We can't leave the library without borrowing at least one non-fiction book about dogs. Richard Scarry still rates highly. She's hard to pick specific favourites for as we usually read something only a few times before it's put aside for a different book.
Favourite toys? Anything dog is popular, although other animals occasionally get some play. Schleich dogs, plush dogs, collars, leads, bowls, bones and treats. Also stickers, crayons, pencils, Littlest Pet Shop, Sylvanian Families, Lego, puzzles, play food and kitchen.

No matter how many times we told her she was three, her answer to "How old are you?" was surprisingly different every time. Hopefully four is a more memorable age than three was.

Happy birthday beautiful girl!


13mimosa said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! Gosh, the photo of her as a babe is so striking, such amazing eyes!

Kindergarten, oh gosh the days are ticking by. I hope she enjoys it, I think most do. Ella loved every minute of kinder, it's such a lovely environment. School is different, but having been there for a few days now, still as warm and welcoming, just bigger!

Did you suffer with power loss?

Melanie said...

They are truly beautiful girls and we feel privileged to call them our grand daughters xxx Keep the postings coming Kym cos they are fabulous to read and keep up with what's going on.