Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And the felt food love continues

Much to Audrey's dismay, this set was made as a birthday gift for Hannah's kinder friend. Lucky for Audrey I'm loving making felt food and will be making a second set for keeps.

If you're after a sandwich tutorial, I found this one on Snazzle Craft. I didn't end up using the tutorial though, just winged it with my own bread, cheese and ham shapes. The cheese and ham slices are needle felted together, both for speed and to test out my new toy. For the tomato slice I followed the tutorial found on One Inch World. I love how it turned out!

The apple gets the most love though.

I could look at that apple all day. It lived on top of my sewing machine for a few days. When walking past I couldn't help smiling at it and squeezing it. Is that cause for concern?? Audrey loved hugging an armful of 'soft food' too. So much nicer than the plastic play food.

I used a Japanese pattern from the Honda Quilt fair. To make the stem I rolled up a piece of brown felt. On the base of the apple there is a little star shaped piece of brown felt pulled in to make the leftover flowery bits.

Anyway ... I think I'm addicted. This isn't the last you'll see of felt food in this neck of the woods.

P.S. I couldn't resist this blurry photo of the gift giver. Hannah was given the task of decorating a brown lunch bag to pack the lunch into. You can probably tell that she's quite pleased with her writing these days.


Shellbells said...

love love love the apple too!!! clever clocks

Katherine said...

Your tomato looks great, I'm glad the tutorial worked out for you, and I'm happy to see what it looks like when you sew it together rather than felting, because I never got around to that. :-) What a lucky girl to get such a great set of food.
-One Inch World

13mimosa said...

No, I don't think that strange. A friend makes little strawberries combining felts and patterned fabrics and they are so beautiful. I haven't bought any, just not sure what I'd do with them, aside from just sit and look.

Gina said...

PS So many people asked about the felt, I wrote a short post if you're interested. http://clutterpunk.blogspot.com/2009/05/tale-of-eco-fi-felt.html
Cheers, Gina
PPS just want to eat all your felt food!

Che Birba said...

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