Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Dogs

So my parents got dogs quite a while back. It sparked the small's dog obsession that seemingly has no end. Now Hannah has an imaginary dog called Tess. Little Audrey (who is very soon turning 3!) can identify at least 20 different dog breeds. She often tells me "When I'm a Mum I'm going to have a beagle and call him Bob and will go to the pet store and buy a lead for him and a collar and food and toys and ...... "

Anyway, I digress. For a birthday gift for my Ma I made felt magnet versions of her labradoodles. The curly girl dog adores her soccer ball. The bigger shaggy boy dog howls loudly at strangers.

The dog shapes are based on the illustrations of Mei Matsuoka in the picture book "Burger Boy". One of our favourites found at a library sale, the story humorously warns against overindulgence. You can see some of the sketches she did for the book on her website.

I thought the soccer ball would be easy. How wrong I was. Much embroidery involved. But it is recognisable as a soccer ball so is deemed a success. Hurrah!!

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tantehilde said...

great! The most original manets I've ever seen!