Monday, September 7, 2009

3 and 3

Our baby girl is 3 years and 3 days today. The birthday is over. The party is over. Life here has returned to normal.

There were cakes ...

... and cookies ...

... and two eager bakers.

Mama made fruits ...

... and a party skirt of the birthday girl's choosing.

So little Audrey. What are you like at 3?

Full of mischief with a sweet cheeky grin. Rarely serious, but quick to scream the house down when things aren't going your way. Still adore poor old blanky, but usually just while sleeping and watching tv. It rarely leaves the house these days. Love helping at the supermarket. Like helping clean the toilet. Hate helping at tidy-up time. Most of your play is dog related. Soft dogs, plastic dogs, pull-along dogs, pretending dogs, drawing dogs. Often follow Hannah's lead, but in your own unique way. You worry about watching new shows on tv, holding blanky in front of your eyes until you're confident it's not scary. Santa is scary. Divers are scary. Costumed people are scary. The postman is scary. Love jumping, drawing, painting, stories and peanut butter. You're a big girl now and have been telling us this for months. The biggest girl in fact. Very quick to remind anyone who forgets and calls you little.

Happy birthday dear Audrey.

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13mimosa said...

Happy birthday gorgeous girl. Wonderful work mama, the simple ideas are often the most effective - love the cakes/cake and the biscuits. Gosh, she looks grown up. I can't believe Leila is also 3 in Jan but she doesn't look anywhere near as grown up as Audrey - perhaps it's the long hair?