Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Still pyjama-ing

A summer set for the smallest girl:

Made with New Look 6641 again. Spawned from my indecision over whether or not I liked my dinosaur drawing for the applique. It grew on me. Now this set can be mixed with her winter set for these changeable spring nights.

A winter set for the biggest girl:

Same pattern. The pant fabric is from an old pair of my pj's with a torn seat. They were well loved so it's hard to see the egg print now, but they're still there if you look hard enough. That calls for an egg-related embellishment. How about our beloved dipping egg and soldiers?

Hannah loves them. I mean really loves them. Wouldn't-take-them-off loves them. So I love them too, even though the super soft knit was a [insert expletive] to sew. It was worth all the effort after all.

Thank you to Sew, Mama, Sew's Pyjama Party for the incentive to clothe two little girls in new jammies.


Jennifer said...

Really, really wonderful! I think handmade jammies are the best.

Lina said...

Oh they are just darling - especially the applique!

Anonymous said...

I adore these. And I am all about making some for my little guy.
I came across this european clothing site for kids. And I was like "no way, I can make this myself."
That's the plan.

Anonymous said...

oh, oops
here's the site:

Kate said...

Love them - great pjs!

Renee said...

the egg applique is gorgeous! I want some PJs like that for myself!

Melinda said...

You just make the cutest clothes! I'm really happy to have discovered your blog :)