Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wearable art

There's been a lot of drawing going on around these parts. I love seeing the concentration on two little faces as they draw yet another dog. Sometimes there are people, or a house or snail. Murray is a favourite subject now, with his folded ears.

What to do with so many artworks? I still haven't answered that question. They just keep getting added to the teetering pile. The best ones are deemed worthy of the fridge or bedroom door galleries. There's a scrapbook for each girl which we glue our favourites into. Paintings make great wrapping paper.

This week two drawings found their way onto a pair of plain t-shirts: Audrey's dog and Hannah's snail.

Their drawings were traced onto fabric, which was then attached to some iron-on adhesive. Cut around the drawings, leaving a small margin. Iron the fabric onto the t-shirt. I used three strands of embroidery floss doubled over, only after trying six strands and ending up with blistered fingers trying to pull it through the fabric. Backstitch around the drawing.

And the last picture is just because I was surprised at the difference in heights. It's not often I get them both still and side by side. At last measure there was about 20cm between them, but it doesn't really compute until I see it in photo form. The big girl just keeps growing up and not out.

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tantehilde said...

beautiful! It makes simple t-shirts so very special and unique! And that drawing of a dog is adorable!