Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bedhair again

More pyjamas. Same Ottobre issue (6/2009). This time the ones with pants. And just for the biggest girl.

Pants are the clear winners in our household for winter. Nighties have been put away until the distant spring. The smallest girl (3.5 years) still insists on kicking all her blankets off while she's sleeping. She's then a little frozen girl-cicle with bare legs and a nightgown bunched up around her torso.

She got to choose the applique. It didn't take her long to decided. This was what she wanted:

Fortunately not all of it. Just the funny little car down the bottom.

The delightful image is from the Meomi 'Color Cloud Seeding' artwork book. We love Meomi. The monthly desktop images were used quite a while ago, with a much smaller Hannah always excited to see a new one up on our Mac. And many giggles ensued when we moved our mouse over all the interactive critters on their website.

So there it is. They are now her beloved 'car jarmies'. Such a rewarding audience to sew for.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! This is a funny style! Love it, thanks for sharing it...