Monday, June 14, 2010

Tulip pants

There was a bit of duck spotting at Wilson Botanic Park. The big girl was clad in her new pink pants. Made from an Ottobre pattern, the 'Tulip pants' from 4/2009 (#12).

There are 12 individual pattern pieces that make up these pants! Quite some work to construct. But worth it I think. The result is very cute and girly. My only issue is that they're a bit baggy in the bottom region.

As it happens that is totally my fault. Up until this week, I've been sewing for the girls based only on height. But after a couple of baggy pants recently I took the trouble the measure them against the sizing charts in the Ottobre magazine. Little Audrey is almost spot on for the size 98 that I've been making her. But Hannah .... although the size 116 I've been using is perfect for her height, her width measures up as a size 104. Some experimenting is underway with merging two different sizes.

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Melinda said...

Love them! My daughter has chosen them for me to make and I've been a bit ho-hum about doing it but after seeing your version I'm convinced. They look really gorgeous.