Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hertta skirt and a pinafore dress

There's new 'girlish' winter wear for the smalls, as per their requests. It was mid-Barbie-musical-statues-dance-game when I thought to get photos. Hence any blurriness and scantily clad fashion dolls you might spy.

Miss Hannah is wearing her 'Hertta' skirt from Ottobre 1/2009 (#19). I also made the 'Anemone stripes' tunic from Ottobre 4/2009 (#21) to go with it. Not the best choice unfortunately. When it's untucked, i.e. always, the tunic is a bit too long and hides the top half of the hearts.

Then there's the instigator of all this girlishness. I think Hannah would have quite happily gone on indefinitely wearing mostly pants, if it wasn't for her little sister constantly requesting skirts and dresses and more skirts. Come summer we'll all be happy. The girls because they'll not have to wear tights/leggings/socks. And me too because skirts are far quicker to sew than pants.

Miss Audrey is wearing her beloved pinafore dress from Ottobre 1/2007 (#6) along with a t-shirt from their 'Creative Workshop 301 - Best T-shirts' pack. There's an experimental needle felting on the pinafore bodice. I thought it would be faster than appliqueing, although in hindsight I'm not so sure. Kitty is nice and furry, and she's held up perfectly to one spin through the washing machine so far.

The sizing is weird for this outfit. She wears a size 98, and measures really closely to the size chart in the magazine for this size. But the pinafore will probably fit her better next year as it's a bit too roomy this winter. On the other hand, the shirt seems a size too small! Audrey loves them both though. I predict that she'll keep making me squeeze her head through the too-small neck opening all winter.

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Melinda said...

Very cute outfits - why is that kids always prefer barbie dolls nude? LOL

I really like what you've done with the anemone top - I have just made it in contrasting fabrics but it looks really lovely with the buttons - I think I might have to make another version.