Sunday, September 12, 2010

The awesome Four

The littlest girl made it to Four. "Now that I am Four ..." has been a phrase heard often during the last week. Four is very different to Three. You can suddenly reach the high door latches and open curtains and you like different foods and are a bit braver.

Once, not very long ago, you were a wee little bub ...

... and now you're this cheeky little lady ...

... who always wants a hand to hold while walking ... who has such a loud voice in a small body ... who loves dogs and cats (plus rabbits and horses and penguins and bears and many others sometimes too) ... who is so gentle with our pets ... who loves skirts and dresses ... who looked forward to her birthday for at least six months ... who whizzes around and around the table on her bike ... who gets stuck on her words sometimes ... who loves music ... who quietly disappeared to her room for a while during her party to listen to her favourite CD ... who will begrudgingly try new foods and then chew on them for 10 minutes if she isn't so keen on the taste ... who hates tidying up ... who does a funny tongue thing sometimes when nervous or excited ... who loves purple and pink and red because they are girlish colours ... who still sleeps with her beloved blankie every single night.

The cake was a girlish one. Pink icing, flowers and cherries. I used this recipe for marshmallow icing, aiming for a tasty dairy-free topping. Worked great for cupcakes in a trial run, although I learnt that I'd need to ice the cake fast as it sets quickly. Also looked great on the one-big-cake that Audrey decided she wanted instead. And then I went to put candles in ... and cut it. Possibly chef's error, but it set pretty darn hard. Still delicious though.

Happy birthday little one.

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