Monday, September 27, 2010

Big Boy

We once bought a giant plush dog from the local trash 'n' treasure market for a small girl. He was dubbed 'Big Boy' and the name stuck (unusual for the soft friends living here). Big Boy is still much beloved a couple of years on, keeping Hannah company in bed almost every night.

Now he's made it onto a t-shirt as part of a new set of much-needed pyjamas. First there was a brief photo shoot. He's the perfect model. Still. Quiet. Consistent. Much easier to photograph than children, who suddenly insist on keeping their head tilted back strangely once the camera is pointed at them. After printing onto transfer paper, the cut-out image was ironed onto white knit fabric, then stitched onto the shirt. Hopefully the washing machine is kind to him! I've been a bit slow to take photos of crafting projects lately, but made a point of snapping this one before the first wash - just in case.

The t-shirt is a plain one from Ottobre Spring 1/2003 which I've made before. I've also made these pants before (from NewLook 6641) with added ribbed cuffs at the bottom this time. The checkered flannelette is the not-quite-enough left-overs from her Dad's pj pants. Cuffs were an easy solution, with the added benefit of keeping her legs a bit warmer.

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Jennifer said...

I LOVE this entire outfit, and will indeed be eager to hear how the Big Boy shirt makes it through the washer....