Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My other babies

Let me introduce you to some of my quieter, better behaved babies:

First was multi-coloured Makin which Hannah nabbed as soon as the final stitch was tied off. He has been loved by both girls on and off and is looking a bit bedraggled in person (catson?). I also made the similar-looking speckled cat using the same pattern for Audrey, thinking she would like her own Makin. He largely sits unloved on top of her drawers. The tubby cat is my own design, as are the four little pups. These pups are a work in progress and future versions may mutate to become foxes. Or anything else four-legged as I really must break away from the cat/dog theme.

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Shellbells said...

Oh woman I love the big teddy bear like one!! Wish I could do this???