Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Old books and new bike

Well Mother's Day came and went and unfortunately it wasn't the best of days. Some of the nicer moments included a visit to the duck pond and a pizza lunch at my Ma's house. With a sick husband and two overtired girls (pre-6am is not a good time for waking) what could be expected. In the afternoon Hannah and I enjoyed some fresh air while shifting mulch before Miss Audrey woke up like a thorny little bear.

But on to the topic of this post ...

I'm loving a couple of old books that have come into my hands within the last week. Firstly a touching and unexpected gift from my Ma, who handed me a copy of Kym: the true story of a siamese cat by Joyce Stranger. While pregnant and reading this book my Mum decided that this siamese had a pretty good name and thus I am named after a cat. I'll reserve my judgement on whether that's a good or bad thing after I read the book.

The second book was a gem I found at our local op-shop today. Monty the runaway mouse by Esta de Fossard and Haworth Bartram is a favourite from my childhood. Partly for the silly adventures the little mouse gets himself into, but mostly for the adorable images created with posed mice and tiny dollhouse-sized accessories like the one pictured above. Hannah seemed to like the pictures too if her pointy finger is any indication.

Another reason for smiling this week is our shiny new christiania bike. It's a Danish 'cargo trike' which has a wooden box in the front large enough to hold a couple small girls and some groceries or a dog or whatever else you want to carry.

We've taken a couple very small trips so far as my legs are not used to cycling and I'm no good on hills. Eventually we plan to leave the car sitting idle while we take the bike for the short trips made during the week.

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