Thursday, July 17, 2008

Op-shop love

I love op-shopping. This is not something I usually admit to. I've only recently discovered the thrill of finding that special something sitting patiently on the shelf ... the treasure that was found wanting in the eyes of its previous owner. About once a week I torture my small children and drag them through our busy local op shop (aka broom closet).

Since I am still plugging away at curtains, I thought I'd share my favourites from this weeks trip:

A set of curtains just perfect for Miss A's room. She currently has a frightful, puffy, shiny purple thing that only opens half way up the window. What were the previous home-owners thinking?

Ollie approves.

A Sooty book! As a child I loved Sooty, Sweep and Soo. Who am I kidding? As an adult I still love them! I'm sure my girls will love them too, once the little one gets over her Wiggles fixation.


13mimosa said...

Sooty, I haven't thought about you in years. The other week I collected more of my old kids books from my folks and Rupert was amongst them. Low and behold a week later a stop motion type anime of him was on ABC kids.

Shellbells said...

i loved sooty too...did you ever watch the tv series?? its on you tube if you want to reminisce!!!

Kym said...

shellbells, we managed to get some Sooty episodes some time ago. Hannah got a bit upset at a shark head on a stick, and we haven't watched it since. I'll persist though. Maybe I can get the littlest one loving it instead.