Sunday, July 20, 2008

This is ... what makes me happy

A ribbon blanket?? Yes and no. What makes me happy is a successfully completed project. This was last night's project. A special request for my only niece, thus fulfilling an IOU from christmas. I get such a warm, fuzzy feeling from creating something to be used and/or abused from $1 worth of remnants and a handful of ribbons.

It makes me even happier to see the project's recipient enjoying my handiwork. So yes ... I grinned when Miss C promptly started chewing on the ribbons. I guess that's why I love crafting.

This is my first 'this is' post, hosted by the talented three buttons. Thank you to one little acorn for supplying this weeks theme.

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Bird Bath said...

That blankie turned out splendid. Nice to get some satisfaction from a finished project and another's joy.