Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A little birdie told me

My baby turns two in a few weeks, so there is a pre-birthday to-do list that I'm working on. First on the list was some invitations to her party.

Out of all the invites I've made for the girl's birthdays these are my favourite. They were fun and easy to make, and the postage stamp cost more than the finished card. It probably helps that no computer was involved, unlike past efforts. When it comes to photoshop et al my visions far outstrip what few skills I possess, and many terse words are said.

Most of the paper used in the collage was from an old magazine. I'm going to make more of these for some thank you cards, but using some pieces of sheet music instead of 'tweet tweet'. I definitely see more magazine-paper collage happening here in the future!


13mimosa said...

Those cards are really lovely. It's my eldest's 5th birthday shortly and I've started the process of getting things ready. I don't have quite as much sway over decisions these days but Ella says she wants a garden party so need to design it around that - coming up blank right now though. May have to borrow your idea for my seconds's 2nd in Jan.

cindy said...

These cards are so sweet, I hacve just found your blog and it is lovely. Looking forward to visiting more often.