Monday, September 1, 2008

eeuughh and aaahhh

Eeuughh because I'm full of flu plus a bonus bout of mild conjunctivitis, hopefully excusing the lack of action around here lately.
Aaaahhh because it's the first day of Spring and there was some glorious sunshine earlier today and warmer weather is just around the corner!

Projects this past week or so have been mainly small and uncomplicated. Sewing on buttons, reattaching ribbons to doll hats, hemming curtains, a tiny doona ...

One thing that I managed to finish last week was a circular sack to house our Fabuland. Does anyone remember Fabuland? Born in the late 70's, I grew up in the 80's and spent many hours playing with these animal-headed lego critters. Now it's my girls' turn (thanks Ma), and I get to relive my childhood all over again.

Above is the opened sack, complete with Fabuland and a pair of busy builders. The sack is made from a large circle cut from a thrifted Ikea sheet, four narrow curved strips sewn on as casings and a single drawstring. It was quite simple to make, but took me longer than expected due to some design revisions. Initially I had envisioned two strings pulled from opposite sides, but then realised that said strings would be extremely long. Certainly longer than the little arms that will be using it. What I ended up with is a single cord and four openings in the casing for pulling up the drawstring which seems to work well.

And the girls can open the sack quite easily. So long as I don't tie knots in the cords and then pick up the sack by the cords thus tightening the knots then go to work and leave it for their Dad to open. According to Hannah, 'Dad forgot you just pull the string'.

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