Friday, September 5, 2008

A second second birthday

Little miss Audrey turned two yesterday. Many years ago, when J and I were struggling through the first stressful weeks with our first newborn baby, some wise friends told us how quickly our baby would grow up. We didn't believe them at the time, and the first 12 weeks seemed to take an eternity. Now we've survived our second newborn, and both girls are no longer babies. We do believe them now.

What's Audrey like at 2? She can be an absolute delight with big smiles and laughs and songs, but the 'terrible twos' have also made an appearance. She knows exactly how she wants things to be and is not afraid to voice her opinion. Loves to chat, usually saying a single word at a time until her point is made.

There are new words and phrases being discovered everyday. Yesterday's phrase? "Yes I do". Yesterday's word? "Llama" during a visit to a local farm. Much of each day is spent following her big sister, even going as far as 'playing' with Hannah's imaginary pet dog Tessie.

Favourite activities are playing with the omnipresent small plastic dogs, reading, building with lego, having Mum play vet to her plush dogs, "chasing" with Ollie, drawing, and playing with houses (both doll-sized and cubby-sized). She's inherited her Dad's fondness for baked goods. And last but not least there's "gangky". Once a beautiful knitted blanket from Nanna M, now looking a bit worse for wear but still an adored comfort, especially when tired or upset.

Happy birthday to a "zery, zery" special girl!


13mimosa said...

Happy Birthday Audrey - I hope you had a lovely day.

Kate said...

Happy Birthday - I hope you all ahd a lovely day.