Thursday, January 22, 2009

Little miss three is almost four

... so it's time for some party preparations.

First up ... invitations:

Another collaged card, featuring pieces of an Aldi catalogue, Home Beautiful magazine, poster from maternal child health and a page from a damaged copy of 'The Grapes of Wrath'. The question is so that Hannah can write her name inside each card. This is a fairly recent skill that she is understandably proud of. I was so glad they were finished that I'd sealed them up in their envelopes before thinking I might like to take a picture. Fortunately I'd saved one to hand deliver.

Next ... party hats:

The doggy friends that plague our house wanted party hats too. Take one cereal box and trace a circle onto it, eg. from a plate. Cut out the circle then cut it into two halves. Decorate as you please then curve around to form a hat shape. Staple the overlapping sides, then attach some elastic. So easy to make!

This feels like the first birthday where she has been genuinely excited about it. 'Is it my birthday yet?' is a question I have answered many times in the last week. Maybe it's just about presents, but I like to imagine that it's also about being that little bit older. Four sounds much older than three.

The last photo is one of those pics where my baby (in her shop bought hat) suddenly looks older. Is that what anticipating your birthday does? I'll be sure to let mine slide by quietly then ...

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Jennifer said...

Gorgeous! I remember when my son, who's now 10-almost-11, turned 4 -- it is such an exhilarating time.

I'm your swap partner for the handmade toy exchange and am very much looking forward to mailing off my package to you and getting to know you in the process!