Friday, February 27, 2009

Penguin and Unfortunate Bunny

Now that Jennifer has received her package for the swap I can share a pair of softies made a couple weeks ago! The warm looking penguin I made from a Japanese craft book called 'Animal Mascots' (ISBN 9784391624205). It's a milestone for me ... first completed project from a Japanese book! He's little ... maybe around 10cm tall? The scarf was not in the pattern, but he'll need it. It's snowing in his new home. Meanwhile my arms are sticking to the computer desk ...

And for Biscuit (Jennifer's dog) I made an Unfortunate Bunny. I thought I'd take an accidental similarity to Roadkill one step further. Is it a step too far? Does the gentler name help? Hmmm ... some pondering to be done before I try another flat critter.

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