Thursday, March 5, 2009

A flutter of butterflies

Aaahhh ... swap number two complete and posted!

Mobile = fiddly + touchy

I finally managed to get everything to hang nicely and not get into a tangled mess. One curious toddler vigorously making some butterflies 'flutter flutter' doesn't help much either. I'm curious too, but more about how long one of these mobiles would take to make without all the experiments in making up individual bits and pieces. This one seemed to take eons, but that might have been just knowing that the postage deadline had passed yet again. Sorry swap partner!!


Shellbells said...

love love love!!! nicely done my dear

hanna said...

This is gorgeous! what are the butterflies made from?

Kym said...

The butterflies are a stock photo printed onto iron-on transfer paper. It was a thin plain cotton fabric I used, but the transfers on both sides stiffened the fabric. I think I still have the image file and am happy to email it if you are interested.