Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope the big bunny was kind. He treated our girls to an indoor egg hunt, books and a big wooden farm set perfect for their beloved plastic animals. Very early in the morning our cranky, loudly-meowing old cat was given some instructions from Hannah: "Quiet Sooka! Today is a special day and we don't need you to ruin it!" And, no, I'm happy to say that's not something she's heard from her parents. We learned many occasions ago that a 'special day' brings out the worst in our little darlings. My standards for 'special days' have been chipped away at over the years. I now just hope to get through the day with some shred of sanity and patience remaining.

Just moments before their wrapping, I remembered to photograph some of the Easter pressies I've been working on:

1. Leaping bunny magnet for a magnet-loving niece. I've since seen a tutorial for a similarly shaped felt rabbit here if you feel like making one.

2. Happy and Sad Carrot magnets. A vegan-friendly Easter gift.

3. Half-dozen rainbow-coloured, beanie eggs for my niece. The first two I filled with rice, until 'machine-washable' crossed my mind. I love their versatility! She can empty and fill her carton, or toss them at her parents, or put them all in a pot. And if they're still around in a few years she can practice juggling them!

For the egg shape I used the pattern generously provided by retro mama. To make them fit in the egg carton I reduced the pattern piece by about 1/4 inch around the outside.

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Gina said...

Hello. Just found your blog via 3 Red Buttons, and I've been browsing through. You make the most wonderful stuff! So awesome. I was going to add you to my required reading anyway, and then I saw your BIKE! We have one too, and love it - so nice to see someone else who has one. Nice to meet ya... I'll be popping in for more inspiration. Currently envying your crocheting and softie skills, *sigh*.