Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just bunny and me

Today was an exciting one. It was my first 'work' day! My wonderful mother cared for my girls for most of the day, including one very sick and grizzly Audrey. Meanwhile I ignored the housework (and the toy potato on the floor) and dedicated the time to working on a project for my long neglected shop. There was peace and quiet and it was great.

A bunny prototype is slowing emerging from the pattern pieces, with long dangly limbs and a big round head. Trying out thread jointing. Eyes pinned in place. Faces trouble me, so she'll be expressionless until the end. One fluffy tum added. A fluffy tail to follow. Then she needs some clothes! Warm clothes for the coming winter.


Shellbells said...

just adorable even without the face!!!

13mimosa said...

I agree - already cute.