Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Makin' patterns

The mimicry performed by small children always delights me. Actually, take that back. I just remembered two small girls at the dinner table, the smallest copying the biggest as she discovers blowing bubbles in her milk. Not so delightful after all.

I actually found time to craft during daylight over the weekend. Gasp! The project? Pattern making for a long-limbed bunny.

Hannah was making patterns too. Hannah who has recently discovered she can draw more than just dogs. Hannah who "is really good at drawing now", if she does say so herself. Her mum agrees.

Here lie the fruits of my little mimic's labours, complete with instructions on each piece.


Angie said...

Her patterns look very well thought out. I also think she is very good at drawing now!

Shellbells said...

too cute!!