Friday, July 24, 2009

Felt roses

A happy birthday present for my Aunt. Two leaves and two flowers. They have super strong circle magnets on the back. I have a lot of these circle magnets. It was cheaper to buy in bulk. Everyone in my family will be getting magnets as a gift at some point. At least twice. Should I be apologising?

Does anyone know of a good felt flower tutorial? I had trouble finding one so just winged it. What you see is version 2. Version 1 (in all it's beaded stamen glory) now gladly belongs to the kids and is buried in a cluttered junk draw in the big girl's room.


tantehilde said...

it's a beautiful flower! I wonder how you made it!
I know mimi kirchner did a easy felt rose tutorial:

Anonymous said...

I like the way yours turned out.