Thursday, July 30, 2009

Murray's bed

Old Sooka was permanently attached to it, pre-dog. Now this sleepy pup can be found here at least once during the day. The homemade bed is a success!

It's essentially a piped cushion cover with a removable pillow inside for ease of washing. It's made from fabric bought at Spotlight that I believe is called sherpa, with a fluffy side and a sueded side. The fluffy top may not last the distance as Murray loves to dig and pull at the bumps with his nippy little teeth.

I fought a major battle with the sewing machine when sewing around the first side. The thread was constantly splitting and breaking. Then I changed the needle. Aaahh. Magic. Lesson learned.

Once again I searched the web for ideas, but ended up just winging it. I did find some nice looking beds (here, here and here), just not what I was after at the time. At one point I saw this one which seems similar, then typically couldn't find it again later on. Maybe I would have had more luck searching for cushion covers, not dog beds.

Oh, and please excuse the lint and pet fur. It's already been in use for several weeks before I thought to get some photos.

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tantehilde said...

what a sweet looking dog! Good idea, the cushion, perhaps I should make one for my sisters dog. She moved recently and I can't think of an idea to make for her.