Friday, August 7, 2009


I've been making pants. Three pairs so far. I'm just having troubles photographing them. I now know not to wait until after kinder. That particular pair will have to wait until next week.

This pair of pants is from the Japanese book 'Girly Style Wardrobe' ( ISBN 457911132X ). A quick look on Flickr tells me it's quite a popular book. Fast and easy (if you don't sew the wrong leg pieces together) and perfect for playing in. Big side pockets for storing treasures in.

Today's photos were taken a mid-morning. Pants rumpled from play, but no mystery stains and the sun was shining. It seems that's the best I can hope for.


Stacy said...

Those are so cute! Where did you get your copy of the book from? Amazon in the US does not sell it and I can not read Japanese to order it :-) Does that book have directions in English?

Kym said...

I've bought my Japanese books from I know there are etsy and ebay sellers who also have large ranges of Japanese books and magazines.

There are no English instructions, but lots of diagrams that I found explanatory enough. It probably helps if you have some experience making similar items.

Inflated Ego Studio said...

I found a store at artfire also have lots of Japanese pattern books
You might find the book u want there