Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kinder old and new

We decided a little while ago to defer Hannah's kinder until next year. She's quiet (like her mum) and hesitant to join in other kid's play. More likely she'll just be happy watching. So there's 'new' 3-year-old kindergarten for the rest of this year, then back to the 'old' kinder in the new year.

Within the familiar home environment she's only quiet when reading. Talking, shouting and laughing loudly with her sister from around 6:30am until 7pm when the light goes out. Actually both Hannah and Audrey have developed a fondness for reading loudly to their toys. Even reading is no guarantee for peace.

The first few weeks at the 'new' kinder have been a mixed bag. On picking her up I hear how she liked kinder and had fun playing with the other kids. But there have been tears when I try to leave her there. A few less tears though thanks to some bribery. No one ever told me that guilt and bribery would be part of parenting.

And on the other side I've got this wee girl who is busting for her turn at kinder. Or so she says. I suspect it's all about the snack though.

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