Saturday, November 28, 2009


An unintentional colour theme from some recent crafting.

This little fellow and his brothers are to be hung from the christmas tree on Tuesday. There's much excitement amongst the smalls about christmas this year. Apparently Santa has a Playmobil list for the good kids, and a deep-fryer list for the naughty ones. And if you're a Dad who is not so well behaved, your name will be added to the iron list.

Then there's my first attempt at sewing from Ottobre Design magazines. So many cute clothes to make! This tunic is design no. 13 from their Autumn 4/2007 magazine. The wee girl made a request: a red top with a blue apple on it. She's a taskmaster that girl. 'Is my apple top finished?' was the first thing I heard from her each morning. And then it was done ... and it was too big. We'll try it again when winter starts heading our way again.

Knits and I still don't get along, but this one came together pretty well. A twin needle would be a help. Look too close and you'll find my wonky topstitching. First-time clothing sewers would probably find the patterns a bit daunting. There are very few pictures to go with the instructions. Some basic garment construction knowledge goes a long way.

And finally there's the girl. She's version two of a doll pattern I'm making. The kids have briefly snaffled her for play, but five minutes later I collect her (and her shorter sister) from the couch upon which they've been dumped. I'm not taking it personally though. She's not so great at walking on a lead.


hausfrau said...

My kids have loved their Playmobil. We even inherited a Vintage Robin Hood set from a close friend. Hours and hours of fun. Worth every cent.

Jennifer said...

I just love the little red birdie, and I think the apple shirt came out beautifully! Too big is always so much better a result than too small....

13mimosa said...

Love your little doll - very happy face.