Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another Sackboy

Another Sackboy, by request. If you're unfamiliar with this little character, he stars in a popular PS3 game called Little Big Planet. And that's all I know. I've never actually played the game. He's kinda cute though.

This little guy is needle felted. Possibly not very well. I'm hoping to do a class next year to get some technique pointers. He seems sturdy enough though. I'm actually really happy with how he turned out. Unlike the previous crocheted version, I'd actually consider making another one.

He's posable, with pipe cleaners inside his arms and string jointed legs. The zip is a fake. Six strands of metallic silver embroidery floss for the zipper teeth. A sacrificial zip for the dangly bit. Yes I could look up the technical name, but it's three sleeps until christmas! There's still gifts to be made!!


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Jennifer said...

Wow -- he's terrific, and Dean knew right away who he was (although being 11 does give you an advantage in that sort of thing!). Happy New Year to you!