Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A month of bags

A grand total of four bags were sewn last month.

The first was dubbed the Mario bag by the smalls. I used Tiny Happy's shoulder bag tutorial. I've had it bookmarked for a year or more. Super easy to make. Very glad I finally got around to making one.

And not just one ... but two! This floral number is a variation on the first. A pleat to close in the top a bit, similar to Oh, Fransson!'s Margaret Sling Bag. Plus a narrower strap.

Not sure it was third time lucky. This one turned out smaller than I had hoped. Which doesn't really make sense since the measurements of the finished bag were on the book cover! The book is a Japanese one (ISBN 4529040011). There are unfinished edges and crooked stitching, just as the pattern asked for. Despite the small size, I love the roughness of this one.

Last of all was a birthday gift for last weekend. A lunch tote bag made to the measurements of a much-used paper gift bag.

And one of these days I'll make a bag for myself.

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Jennifer said...

Great fabric choices! Bags are kind of addicting, aren't they? And always the perfect gift.