Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dog's breakfast

Here's a project I worked on before christmas. A surprise present for the girls. I forgot I hadn't photographed it. Until this afternoon. When I rescued one of the dogs from Murray's mouth. He's not my favourite pet today.

Fortunately Audrey's dog was still safe and sound on her bookshelf.

The ill-fated project comes from a Japanese book of felt toys (ISBN 9784529041171 / 4529041174). There's photos of most of the book here. I bought the book primarily for these dogs and some very similar cats. The tiny little food stalls are also very popular with the smalls.

The dog will be forgiven. It's a good thing he's so cute.


Jennifer said...

These are delightful -- you did a lovely job! We've had to rescue a few things from our dog's mouth, but nothing yet damaged to the point that the dog stayed in bad graces for too long.... I do love making items from Japanese craft books and magazines; they do have cute down cold!

Anonymous said...

really really cute! Of course the doggie thought they were his toys.