Friday, February 5, 2010

5 + 5

Five years and five days. That's how old our not-so-very-little Hannah is today.

We had our biannual mostly-family party on Sunday. The same beloved people that we've had for the past five of Hannah's parties. Just a few new littlies added over the years. I can't help wondering if it will be the last of this party type. Will there be kindergarten friends to invite next year? Games to organise? Party bags to prepare? Time will tell.

So Hannah at 5 ...

She's a bright little button. Eager to share her knowledge of the world. Especially where her little sister is concerned. Reading so many words, but still daunted by more than ten words on a page. A lot of time is spent drawing, making up different stories around the pictures as she goes. Small Schleich-style animals are still a favourite toy, but now felines and canines are not the only favoured animals. Giraffes, raccoons and chickens are often included in the games. Feeding our real animals is her favourite chore. In fact missing out on this is a cause for tears. She's keen to try new experiences, as long as she believes she can succeed. Easily pleased when it comes to clothes, food and toys, unlike her fussier little sister. This year she was introduced to the joy of the DS and Wii by various loved ones. It's a whole new world which she is embracing with glee. And if you ask her, she knows everything. But I don't think that is unusual when you're five.

There was a last minute request for a cat cake this year, but only after previous requests for a dog cake and a train cake and a number five cake. My preference is for tasty, less-sickening cakes, such as the apple and blueberry shortcake that we baked for her first birthday. But since I'm not the birthday girl, a marble cat cake was made. Complete with flattened fruit chews for eyes and nose and a brown Smarties tail.

I have to admit that I have been a bad mother this week. When I should've been writing about our beautiful five year old's birthday, I was sewing and playing Gardening Mama and Wii Sports Resort. Completely self-indulgent. I blame the sudden calm that arrived after the last two months of anticipating and planning for Christmas and birthdays and a party and the beginning of kinder. You may hear my sigh of relief as we approach our first event-free weekend in what feels like months.

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