Friday, February 5, 2010

Buttons and a hedgehog

I've been Ottobre-ing again. This red buttony t-shirt is from the Summer 3/2009 issue. It's the 'Rosalind' t-shirt. I love how they all have names. Audrey is destined to get a pair of 'Audrey' capri pants. Very, very happy with how this one turned out. An eager pair of helpers materialised when the buttons were brought out. This little monkey decided she wanted a 'firework' of buttons. Not quite sure what she meant, but she was content with this arrangement.

I also made the 'Strawberry' tunic from the Summer 3/2008 issue. This has been dubbed the 'hedgehog top' after the little critter I embroidered for one of the pockets. The hedgehog design comes from a Japanese embroidery book called 'EMBROIDERY animals & insects 380' (ISBN 9784021904288). Such a cute book! There's several pictures from the book that have been kindly uploaded here. And there are heaps of pics on Etsy here.

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