Friday, March 12, 2010

Dolly girl

My girls aren't doll girls. It's animals they love. Most of the time they treat their plush pets respectfully. They're much rowdier than our real pets though. Always meowing, or woofing, or howling or yowling. Occasionally the poor critters get babied, especially since their littlest cousin came along late last year. I sometimes wish they did prefer dolls. In the eyes (and voices) of a three and five-year-old, babies are a lot quieter than pets.

Our little friend likes dolls, so for her birthday I made matching clothes. I hope that orange is still a favoured colour!

My old Cabbage Patch doll, Sally, is modeling the outfit made from Ottobre 1/2003. Sally was very excited by this as she spends her days under Audrey's bed waiting oh so patiently for some attention. If I was to make this pattern for a Cabbage Patch doll again I'd take the width in on the dress. And take some wonkiness out of the strap placement.

My lovely model is wearing tunic 'k' from Girly Style Wardrobe. These patterns make up big. I thought this would be a little on the large size, but not swimmingly large. I've previously made dress 't' from the same book and had the same problem. Next summer it should fit perfectly!

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