Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bunny day

Happy Easter! I hope the bunny was kind to you. As for us, we've enough chocolate here to last us until Christmas. At least!

Earlier today there was some fresh felty produce ready for gifting to small friends and relations.

But it wasn't long before the rodents arrived. First there was one quiet little cutie ...

... and then his sister turned up. She seemed pretty keen on the rosy red apples.

No harm done though. Except to my fingers. Several needle pricks still remain visible. Ouch!

For the needle felted guinea pigs (or piggies to the smalls) I followed some very clear photographic instructions from my current favourite craft book. So many cute animals in there. It even has a pika! Any David Attenborough fans will know this little critter from Life of Mammals (I think), where it rock-hops to and fro carrying flowers back to it's nest.


sooz said...

That book looks totally fabulous!! I want it!! Your felt animals and fruit and veg is amazingly good, I am full of awe.

hausfrau said...

Oh I desperately want one of those guinea pigs. So, so cute. I had them as pets growing up on our farm. Sadly my city boy husband is not so keen on me replicating my menagerie here in Melbourne. Mean I say.

Jennifer said...

The produce and tiny critters are absolutely lovely -- wonderful to see all the great crafting and sewing you've been doing!

Hot Coffee said...

Awesome work. My favorite is the carrot, it looks close to the real carrot.