Sunday, April 11, 2010


Winter sewing has begun, and just in time if today's weather is any indication.

This one is the Orvokki jersey blouse from Ottobre 1/2009 (#18). Worn with the pants I made last winter from Girly Style Wardrobe. Not the most stylish pants, but they're super comfy and have withstood many washes. And so so quick to make.

I'm really happy with how the shirt turned out. The fabrics are slightly different weights and textures, but luckily that doesn't seem to matter. It came together really easily. The only trouble I had was with the shirring. It's a little wonky if you look closely, and I need to learn how to secure the ends. Also the instructions only mention shirring the front, but based on the pattern pieces it was needed in the back also.

And doesn't she look happy with it? That's because I snuck out the camera while they were re-enacting Totoro in the back yard. A round of loud roaring makes two small girls very happy. What you can't tell is that she was in tears 60 seconds later. There was a minor sisterly dispute over a swing. Aaahhh ... the highs and lows of a pre-schooler's life.

The Ottobre's will be getting a workout over the next couple of weeks. Pyjamas, hoodies, a winter coat and a cap. They're all on the list. The very long to-sew list.

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