Monday, May 17, 2010

Nighties x 2

What do I do with the littlest child? She adores her summery, ruffly 'princess nightie' which sadly has several licensed characters on it. It was great a couple months ago on those hot sticky nights, but the approaching winter is making it's presence felt. Plus it's a bit on the small side now and barely covers her little backside. What I did was make a winter nightie. Which then became two winter nighties. The eldest girl really needed new pj's for those legs that have suddenly shot out of her long pants.

I had two silly monkeys on my hands that morning. But you get the gist of what they look like. It's an Ottobre pattern from the 6/2009 issue. So quick to make as several of the seams are sewn only once, instead of the normal topstitching as well. The pattern asked for lapped seams (something like this), but I couldn't make that work on my overlocker and ended up using flatlocked seams for the first time. As I'm pulling on the two sides of fabric to make the seam lay flat I was not so sure how sturdy those seams would be. They've now held up to several nights of restless sleeping and a couple of trips in the washing machine. So far, so good.

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