Sunday, August 24, 2008

This is ... my favourite children's book

I love children's books and could go on and on all day about my favourites. But since it's late and I'm tired and ill how about just a couple?

One of our recent library discoveries that I love and had to buy for keeps is 'Fabian Escapes' by Peter McCarty. It's a simple, well-written story about a dog and cat's parallel adventures. Story aside, I did indeed judge a book by it's cover and was captivated by the beautiful illustrations. With two young girls we can't just buy one book (except when we feel like living dangerously). So we also have and love 'Hondo and Fabian' which is pictured below. It's an earlier book about the same characters and with a similar plot style. You can view more pictures from 'Hondo and Fabian' here.

I enjoy all things Richard Scarry, but to pick a favourite it would be 'What Do People Do All Day'. You can probably guess from the title, but it's about different occupations and workplaces. Story topics include timber production, road building and water. Perfect for the three-year-old with three hundred questions.

Thank you to three buttons for hosting 'This is', and to potty mouth mama for this week's topic.


13mimosa said...

Love the cover of Hondo and Fabian. Some childrens books are just so beautiful I can see why adults collect them. There's one illustrator, whose name of course I can't remember, and they don't have words but the illustrations are amazing. If I remember, I'll tell you who it is!

ingrid said...

I love Richard Scarry books. There is always so much to look at and you can find something new each with each reading.

Moiface said...

I love the look of the hondo and fabian book!