Friday, September 12, 2008

Sourpuss and friend

This is our newest crocheted friend ... Sourpuss.

I made him as a final test run for a pattern that I'll be making into a free PDF next week.

One of my dreams is to make enough money from crafting so that once both girls are at school I can a) work from home and b) do something I love for a living. Who knows if this is possible? I figure there's no harm in trying, especially since I'm finishing up my bookstore work in a few days. So this will be step 1 ... publish a free pattern to hopefully find some fellow crocheters willing to test out my pattern writing skills. Off now to familiarise myself with PDF making ....


13mimosa said...

He/she is very cute (not your gorgeous girl - the cat)! I hope it's possible, my dream is a cafe - I know there are many but for the few really great ones, there are plenty of crappy ones and where we live in Melbourne, EXTREMELY slim pickings.

Shellbells said...

Woman you will have no trouble at all making that dream come true. Passion and talent you have them both!! Love the fellow and shall give it a try from a novice point of view!!!

Michelle said...

Hi Kym,

Sourpuss looks great! I've always been interested in the amigurami, but haven't had a go, cause well, frankly my crocheting skills are rubbish!

Would happily be one of your guinea pig testers if you wish.