Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Too big and too small

The females of our house need new hats. My little chickens' heads have grown since last summer, and I just want a change from my old lightweight camping hat.

This cat-furred hat is made from the free pattern provided by the Honda Quilt Fair, found thanks to mejika who made their lovely apple.

It's in Japanese so I had to make some guesses. I added a seam allowance when cutting out the pattern pieces as it looked small. This one is still a snug fit on my head, but unfortunately too big for Miss Hannah. I used interfacing throughout, but it probably only needed it for the brim. The other change I would make would be to the shape of the top of the hat. It's a little too tall and straight for my liking.

There's a version 2 on my to-do list, which I will aim at fitting one of the girls. But it will have to wait a little as I'm trying to set up shop!


13mimosa said...

Cool - one of the things on my list I've been meaning to do and you've helped me do the search work!

Angie said...

this is one of the projects I'd like to try 'one of these days', perhaps when I finish some of the zillion projects I've already started! Looking forward to version 2, good luck.