Monday, November 10, 2008

Adventures in crochet

I thought this might be fridge-magnet-sized. A slight underestimation. What to do with a palm-sized rose?

The pattern came from here, using 8-ply cotton and 3.50 hook. If you enjoy crocheting (or want to learn?) the My picot site is definitely worth a visit. Many beautiful (and free!) patterns for stitch designs and motifs. Plus well photographed instructions for basic stitches and UK-US conversions. There's knitting too, but I haven't explored that part yet.

This little fellow was supposed to be photographed in pieces for the Sourpuss pattern. I ran out of yarn before his legs were finished. Then after a failed two-legged-sitting-cat attempt I realised I had more of that yarn in the basket. Sigh. It was one of those weeks. But I do really like his embroidered tummy. So maybe it was a fortunate ditsy moment.

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