Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This is ... a favourite recipe I would like to share

Tonight's dinner: Country Beef with Herb Scones

Although mine may not look so photogenic (this particular photo being from the linked-to website). I found this in an issue of Australian Table magazine. It reminded me of a dinner we used to have as kids.

I love it and J likes it. The girls ... well Hannah doesn't like "bowl dinners" ie. where everything is mixed in together. Audrey who I thought would like it for it's bread content isn't a fan either. But then if I cooked dinners the girls enjoy every night my repertoire would be slim indeed.

This has been a better-late-than-never entry for 'This is' run by three buttons who also chose the topic for the week.

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Amber said...

Looks amazing...might try a vegetarian version...yummmo
Cute blog. I have just found you..xx